2nd International Conference on Advanced Surface Enhancement

6 - 9 Sept 2021 | Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore


​INCASE 2021 is welcoming submission of original papers from engineers, researchers, scientists and industrial experts working in the broad surface enhancement field. The main topics and sub-topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: 

1. Advances in Surface Treatments
  • Fatigue Life Enhancement Surface Treatments (Shot Peening, Hammer Peening, Deep Cold Rolling)

  • Tailoring of Varied Peening Treatments

  • Laser Surface Treatments (Laser Shock Peening, Finishing and Texturing)

  • Surface Finishing Processes

  • Surface Finishing for Additively Manufactured Components

  • Emerging Technologies in Surface Engineering

2. Modeling and Simulation
  • Machine Learning in Surface Engineering

  • Automation in Surface Engineering

  • Surface Treatment Process Modelling

  • Material Removal Modelling

  • Particle Flow and Particle Transport in Shot Peening

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction of Granular Flow

  • Cold Hole Expansion

  • Damage Mechanics at Varied Length Scales

  • Fatigue Failure and Corrosion Damage

  • Residual Stresses and their Relaxation

3. Surface & Sub-surface Characterisation
  • Atomistic Evaluation of Surfaces Properties: AFM, SEM, TEM

  • Destructive and Non-destructive Inspection Techniques

  • Contact and Proximity Measurement Techniques

  • Measurement of Residual Stresses (X-ray diffraction, Stress Relieving, Novel Techniques)

  • Erosion & Corrosion Assessment (Cavitation Erosion, Wear, Erosion Corrosion)

  • Fatigue Testing and Other Mechanical Property Evaluation

  • Quality and Consistency of Surface Treatments

  • In-situ Characterisation Methods

4. Surfaces-by-Design
  • Atomistic Surface Modification

  • Compositional Surface Modification

  • Surfaces for Improved Wear, Erosion and Corrosion

  • Surfaces for Improved High Temperature Oxidation

  • Damage Tolerant Surfaces

  • Sustainable Surface Engineering

  • Tribology in Sustainable Surface Design

5. Surface Coatings
  • Conversion Coating: Carburizing, Nitriding and Anodizing

  • High-temperature Coatings (Thermal Barrier Coatings)

  • Anti-corrosion Coatings

  • Thermal Spraying

  • Electro-plating and Anodising

  • Chemical and Physical Vapour Deposition

  • Coating Repair

  • Coating Life Cycle Assessment


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