2nd International Conference on Advanced Surface Enhancement

7 - 8 Sept 2021 | Virtual Conference

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Symposium Chair

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Prof. Zhou Wei
Nanyang Technological University 

Symposium D

Cold Spray Coatings

Co-organised by: International Society for Intelligent Manufacturing


Cold spray is a new solid-state additive manufacturing process which makes it possible to deposit a wide range of materials to obtain coatings with properties unattainable with other techniques. This symposium is organized to share knowledge on the latest development on all aspects of cold spray technology.



The INCASE Committee and the International Society for Intelligent Manufacturing jointly invite paper submissions to Symposium D that deal with the following:

  1. Cold spray metal, ceramic and metal matrix composite coatings

  2. New coatings materials development

  3. Cold spray processing and post-processing

  4. Characterization and testing of cold spray coatings

  5. Modelling and numerical simulation

  6. Particle impact in cold spray processes

  7. Cold spray additive manufacturing

  8. Cold spray coatings for aerospace, automotive and marine industries