2nd International Conference on Advanced Surface Enhancement

7 - 8 Sept 2021 | Virtual Conference

SYMPOSIA > Symposium B

Symposium Chair

Dr. Liu Hongfei

Institute of Materials Research & Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR

Symposium B

Surface Engineering, Characterisation and Diagnosis


Surface engineering is a subdiscipline of materials science, yet it is a multidisciplinary matrix of science and technologies that are cross-linked through process, structure, property, functions, and performance of materials on the surface of solid matter. Understanding the process-structure-performance relationship plays an important role in sustainable development of advanced manufacturing and remanufacturing industry. This symposium is organized to share knowledge in the field of surface engineering and its consequences on the performance of the base material.



International Conference on Advanced Surface Enhancement (INCASE) Committee and the Organizers of the Special Session on "Surface Engineering, Characterisation and Diagnosis" invite papers that deal with:

  1. Surface treatments by chemical, electrochemical, chemomechanical methods

  2. Cold-working process such as grinding, polishing, burnishing, rolling,, peening

  3. Laser-assisted process such as cleaning, striping, texturing, cladding, hardening, annealing, etc.

  4. Alloy-based coating technologies such as deposition, spray, etc.

  5. Non-destructive testing

  6. Characterisation, analysis and diagnosis